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Chiropractor Calgary AB Susanne Morris


Susanne Morris D.C.

Dr. Susanne Morris has been helping families achieve their health care goals since 1999. As the mother of two children, she has first hand appreciation for the importance of having all family members under chiropractic care. To that end, has become certified in Pediatrics and Webster In-Utero Constraint technique.

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Dr Morris was raised in Calgary, Alberta and received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Lethbridge. She pursued her lifelong dream to become a chiropractor at the University of Western States where she graduated Summa cum Laude. Dr. Morris continues to train in advanced Chiropractic techniques, including Activator methods, because she believes that there is always more to learn.

“I believe that we live our lives through our nervous system, and my goal is to ensure that the nervous system is functioning at its maximum potential. When our nervous system is functioning well, we enhance our body’s ability to adapt to the stresses and changes that we face and this enables us to experience life to its fullest."

Chiropractic Calgary AB Elevate Life Julie Dewolfe

Registered Massage Therapist

Julie Dewolfe

Julie DeWolfe is a recent graduate from a 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage therapy program in Calgary, AB.

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Julie is a natural empath with a passion for fascia who utilizes both manual release techniques as well as myofascial cupping to restore healthy posture and increase pain-free range of motion. Whether you are seeking massage therapy for relaxation or therapeutic purpose, she is ready to individualize your treatment to your specific needs and preferences whether that requires hitting those deep spots you crave or reducing swelling and inflammation through lymphatic drainage. Julie’s style is adaptably slow and steady giving your body the time it needs to accept the treatment and improve in quality and condition which will help you achieve your wellness goals in the most comfortable way possible. She is eager to join healing hands with Dr. Morris to support you on your journey to your most Elevated Life!

When she isn’t hands-on in the clinic, Julie keeps busy raising two little handfuls at home. Her experience as a young mother of growing girls has served to emphasize her compassionate heart, intuitive empathy and creative approach to problem-solving.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Jessica

Chiropractic Assistant


Working front of line for small businesses and working in the holistic and healing industry is her passion. She loves to connect with the client from the first point of contact to upon their exit of the office. Always ensuring the comfort and creating a safe and positive space for everyone.  Jessica has studied acupuncture and massage and has a great knowledge of the body and how many of the modalities can aide in the bodies healing of itself, so we can be our best selves.  



Susan Pettipas has been a Natural Health Practitioner since 2015 practicing Herbalism, Iridology, and Sound Therapy. She has had a passion for natural healing modalities for 20 years and specializes in helping people with digestive, adrenal and blood sugar issues. She believes a balanced health program should also include energy work and as such offers sessions for relaxation or to "sandwich" an issue by supporting the body in healing from another angle.  Susan has a love of animals and spends a lot of time volunteering for a cat rescue shelter, fostering, and helping companion cats in their homes the same as she does with people.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Katherine Reiki Master

Reiki Practitioner

Katherine Valkanas M.A., CRA-RP

Katherine has completed her Reiki Level 3: Mentor/Masters’ Level and is a registered Reiki Practitioner within the Canadian Reiki Association.

Reiki is an energy therapy that promotes healing within the surrounding and inner body. It focuses on balancing the energy fields within the body to bring individuals to a balanced, tranquil state.

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This healing modality works with Chis (life force energy) to assist with reducing stress and improving relaxation. This assists with working through daily obstacles, enhance sleep patterns, and promote healthy digestion. Reiki works in relieving physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks within the body. This can connect individuals to a more centered state of being and knowing of self.

In attaining a masters' certification in Mikao Usui Reiki, Katherine has developed a deeper understanding of how healing the metaphysical body also positively affects the physical body. She has experience facilitating Reiki sessions for clients with a wide range of physical ailments, terminal illnesses, trauma, anxiety & stress, grief & loss, and sadness & depression. She believes that Reiki can promote gaining mind, body, and soul connection within one's spiritual journey.

Katherine is also an Art Therapist and Artist. She enjoys connecting with individuals from all walks of life and offers a compassionate, open space for processing life experiences.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Sarah


An outgoing and enthusiastic individual who tries to relate to everyone she meets, through honesty and integrity. Sarah's passions in life include spending time with her daughter and getting outdoors as much as possible. Her laugh is contagious, and she is never not smiling. With a diverse background in the medical field, we are excited to have her join our team. A quote from Dr. Seuss she lives by is "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, more you-er than you!"

Chiropractic Calgary AB Elevate Life Boba Fetch Morris

Office Mascot

Boba Fetch-Morris

In charge of fetches and lots of hugs


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